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New website: Spiffy Shopify!

As you can probably tell, the site looks a bit different than it usually does.  With the plethora of changes that are coming up in the next few weeks and months for our business, we decided to switch our website and store platform to Shopify.  This will afford us some much needed updates in terms of payment methods and store features, as well as allow for future expansions as our business grows.  It will also allow us to spend more time creating and building the business, and less time micro-managing our online store.

We migrated a couple of blog posts over from the old site, but since Head Geek lady wasn't on her blogging game, there weren't that many that needed to be saved.  Never fear, we are working on our Blog-fu and shall post updates and new products at a much more impressive rate than before. 

The site look itself is very simple currently.  We do have plans to spiffify our Shopify (^_^) more over the coming months, but the current theme will suit for now.

Our products will be those from both our Creations and Supplies shops, as seen currently on Etsy.  All the same great products, from our metal stamping blanks that we cut right here at home to the geekcentric jewelry and accessories that started everything here at Geekocity Creations, will be found here at our new online shop.  Customization will be even easier for customers who want to personalize Creations items, which is something I'm very excited about and have been working hard behind the scenes to make happen.

We wish we could divulge some details about our upcoming super-secret expansion plans, but alas, it will have to be a surprise!

It is all very exciting, and we cannot wait to share it with you as soon as things are set into motion. 

That's all for now, geeks and crafters!

Until the next update!

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