About Us

The Business

Geekocity Creations is a small business in Houston, TX.  We currently have two divisions of our business - Creations and Supplies.  Our Creations side deals in geek and pop culture themed jewelry and accessories.  Our Supplies division consists of our quality metal stamping blanks (cut in-house), metal stamping tools, and other supplies.

Creations products include pieces inspired by Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Harry Potter, and many more. Items are inspired by our favorite genres and are not officially licensed currently. We do our best to respect copyrights and use only general references to each fandom, no direct images or intellectual property. No copyrights are given or implied.  We also enjoy doing custom work for sport teams, corporations, weddings, and other occasions.


The Owner

Greetings, geeks!

I’m Kazia. A 30-something wife, mother, geek, and gamer. I love all things fantasy and sci-fi, and my fandoms range from Doctor Who to the Whedonverse, from Marvel Comics to The Dresden Files. I would love to list each and every thing that I love about geek culture, but it would be incredibly time consuming. I have things to make, games to play, and a geek life to enjoy!

I embarked upon my journey in stamped metal jewelry in May of 2013. My husband surprised me for my birthday with a stamping kit that had everything I needed to get started: bench block, hammer, stamps, and a variety of stamping blanks. I was hooked!  I puttered around until March of 2014, when I opened up my first Etsy shop filled with geeky goodies that I knew other geeks would enjoy.  My daughter helped come up with the business name, suggesting "Geek City" during a brainstorming session.  I morphed it into Geekocity (“quality of being a geek!”) and splashed Creations at the end for fun. 

The first year in business was a blast!  In 2015, I've been working to expand the business with my husband.  We opened up the supplies shop on Etsy as part of that expansion - offering quality stamping blanks and other metal stamping supplies from great vendors.  I wanted to be able to provide excellent, personable customer service and superb goods to our customers.  So far, we've done just that!  I can't wait to see what is in store next for my geeky little business.

Thank you for visiting my shop and website.

Stay geeky, my friends!