Custom Cutting for Metal Stamping Blanks

We can do custom metal cutting here at Geekocity Creations.  We encourage customers to contact us with their custom cutting needs to request a quote.  See below for details and FAQ about our custom cutting.

Processing Time

Custom cutting orders can sometimes run with longer processing times than our listed metal blanks.  This is especially true if the item dimensions requested are something we have not done before and if drilled holes are requested.  We will discuss the estimated processing time with you during our quoting process for your custom request.

Our Metals

We currently only carry aluminum of various gauges and grades.  We supply both 1100 and 5052 grades of aluminum here in our shop. We believe that both grades have their advantages for the crafter.

1100 Aluminum
Gauges available: 14G

1100 aluminum is pure, food-grade aluminum. It is soft and stamps easily, so your impression can really stand out! Pure aluminum is safer for skin than other metals. 

5052 Aluminum
Gauges available: 14G, 16G, 18G

5052 aluminum, on the other hand, is alloyed with magnesium to provide more strength and hardness without sacrificing too much stampability. This is great for narrow cuffs as it helps them hold their shape better than pure 1100 aluminum.

If you're used to stamping on 1100, you'll need to hit a tad bit harder (though not as hard as with...say... copper) to get the impression you want, but the results are worth it.
If you have questions about these metals, just let us know. Both are great for hand stamping!

Gauge Thicknesses

14G - 0.063"
16G - 0.05"
18G - 0.04"

Custom Cutting Fee

There is a $5 cutting fee which will be included in your metal quote.

Dimensions and Finish

Dimensions up to 7" in length and 0.5" in width will come with a deburred, tumble polished finish. Anything over 0.5" in width or longer than 7" will have a simple pre-finish and will be deburred. This is due to our current tumbling machinery.

You may also request raw, un-finished or tumbled metal if you prefer to finish it yourself.

The corners of non-cuff blanks will be squared unless requested to be rounded.  Rounding is either done by hand sanding or via our corner cutter for wider radius rounding.


Request a Quote

Use the form below to send us your quote request. Try to be as specific as possible on the gauges and grade of metal you would like as well as dimensions. Include any questions you may have about what metal would work best for your needs.