Custom Metal Stamping Options

We pride ourselves in our ability to customize our hand stamped pieces to fit each individual customer.  You can customize almost every one of our hand stamped pieces in the following ways.

Designs and Fonts

Our font collection is ever expanding, as is our design stamps selection.  Below is our current availability of custom fonts and designs.  The "font details" column explains font size as well as availability of uppercase and/or lowercase in each font.  Please note - the fonts are not to scale with the designs.  Please see the details section for font sizes.

Our design stamps range in size from 3mm (examples: paw print and happy face) all the way up to jumbo 10mm designs (tree of life and large celtic knot).  


Texture and Polish

We offer a variety of choices for texture (hammering) and polish. 

Three texture choices are yours for the picking!  We can do no texture (smooth), edges hammered, or fully hammered.  Each look gives your piece a custom flair.  

By default, all of our metal will come with a matte (brushed metal) finish.  You can choose to have your piece polished (shiny) if you like.

Bracelet Cuff Sizing

The default size for our hand stamped bracelet cuffs is 6" long, which is perfect for small to medium size wrists. We also have cuffs that measure 7" in length for larger wrists or 5" for slightly smaller (child sized).

Bracelet cuffs should be around 1" to 1 1/2" smaller than your wrist. You should be able to slip the cuff over the side of your wrist and turn it into place. If the cuff is too small, you will need to open and close it constantly, and it will eventually break from the strain. You can easily measure your wrist with fabric measuring tape OR measure a string or strip of paper after you have wrapped it around your wrist. Contact us if you have any questions about sizing.


Stamping on the Inside of Cuffs

We get asked all the time for messages to be stamped on the back/inside of our items (mostly cuffs). There is a small upcharge for stamping on the inside of cuffs.  Please include the following in the "Additional Info" field:

  • Text to be stamped
  • Font if different from front
  • Placement (either centered or towards one end of the cuff)