14G Aluminum Bracelet Cuff Stamping Blanks - 6" x 3/8"

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Aluminum is a great silver substitute when it comes to jewelry metal stamping.  It is flexible, textures easily, and hypo-allergenic.  We cut these in-house.

This listing is a for 6" x 3/8" aluminum bracelet cuff stamping blanks. The blanks are cut from 14 gauge (0.063" thick) aluminum.

NOTICE: The photo is our 1/4" wide cuffs - this listing is for 3/8" wide.

The blanks have been cornered by hand, tumbled and deburred, and are ready for that metal stamping project you have in mind!

You have a choice between our two aluminum metal grades: 1100 and 5052.

We also offer a Sampler Pack of mixed blanks for those who have never stamped on 5052 before, or are just starting out metal stamping and are curious which metal to choose.  To order the sampler pack, choose the Sampler Pack in the first dropdown menu, then choose your quantity.  Currently we only offer the Sampler Pack in a small pack of 10 - 5 each of 1100 and 5052 blanks.

1100 Aluminum

1100 aluminum is pure, food-grade aluminum. It is soft and stamps easily, so your impression can really stand out! Pure aluminum is safer for skin than other metals.

Join the 5052 Revolution!

5052 aluminum is alloyed with magnesium to provide more strength and hardness without sacrificing stampability. This is great for narrow cuffs as it helps them hold their shape better than pure 1100 aluminum.

If you're used to stamping on 1100, you'll need to hit a tad bit harder (though not as hard as with...say... copper) to get the impression you want, but the results are worth it.  

Bending Tools

The blanks are sent flat. We have the following tools to help you achieve that ideal bend in your cuffs:

Bracelet Bending Pliers (ImpressArt) (The Beadsmith)
Bracelet Bending Bar (ImpressArt)

The 5052 blanks are VERY strong! We recommend using a bending bar to achieve your initial bends, and then shape it up with some bending pliers. It's what we do on our stamping creations and works well.

Bulk Discounts

We have the following discounts built into our pricing for blanks that we cut in-house.

100+ = 10% off
300+ = 10% off and Free Shipping
500+ = 15% off and Free Shipping

Please contact us if interested in larger than 500 blank orders on a regular basis.