Steve Rogers - Bucky Barnes - I'm With You to the End of the Line - Captain America Cuff Set of 4

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Are you a fan of Captain America and the Winter Soldier? The relationship between lifelong friends Steve Rogers and James Buchanan Barnes - aka Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier, stood the test of time and Hydra brainwashing. This set is perfect for friends, siblings, or yes, even couples.

When you order this set, you will receive the following:

4 bracelets, one each of the following sayings -

* "You're the Steve to my Bucky"
* "You're the Bucky to my Steve"
* 2 cuffs with "I'm with you till the end of the line"

Two stars, a blue one for Cap and a red one for Bucky, can adorn the ends of the "I'm with you" cuffs. The left star (left of text) is red to represent Bucky's left arm. If you want the stars on the other two cuffs or do not want stars at all, please let me know in the "note to seller" upon checkout.

The cuff bracelets are 1/4" wide, 14 gauge (~1/16" thick) aluminum. The stamped impressions have been darkened for contrast.


Please read through these options carefully and indicate your choices before you add this item to your cart.  If you do not indicate a choice for an option (such as for font), I will use the default settings as pictured in the finished product above.

For more details about customization options, including enlarged photos. go to our Custom Metal Stamping Options page.


The default size is 6" long, which is perfect for small to medium size wrists. We also have cuffs that measure 7" in length for larger wrists or 5" for slightly smaller (child sized).

Bracelet cuffs should be around 1" to 1 1/2" smaller than your wrist. You should be able to slip the cuff over the side of your wrist and turn it into place. If the cuff is too small, you will need to open and close it constantly, and it will eventually break from the strain. You can easily measure your wrist with fabric measuring tape OR measure a string or strip of paper after you have wrapped it around your wrist. Contact us if you have any questions about sizing.


Please choose between the following polished options:

Polished (shiny)
Brushed metal (matte)


See the "pick your texture" photo for examples of our texturing options.

No texture
Edges hammered
Fully hammered


Choose a font from options in the Designs and Fonts photo. Depending upon the font, you can choose all uppercase, all lowercase, or normal (first letter capitalized).  For larger photos of design and font options, see our Custom Metal Stamping Options page.  If you just want the font in the product photo, you can leave the Font field blank.

Font used in product photos above: Arial Uppercase and Lowercase, Typewriter Uppercase and Lowercase


We have a variety of design stamps available.  Please see the Design and Fonts photo for our current selection.  Some of the designs might be too large for this item.  Please contact us if you have any questions about what designs will work.

This item has star design stamps that are optional.


By default, we use black contrast to make the impressions stand out.  You can choose an optional color for your item if you like.  If you want a rainbow or other multicolored pattern or if you would like specific sections specific colors, please let us know in the "Additional Info" field.


We get asked all the time for messages to be stamped on the back/inside of our items (mostly cuffs). There is a small upcharge for stamping on the inside of cuffs.  Please include the following in the "Additional Info" field:

  • Text to be stamped
  • Font if different from front
  • Placement (either centered or towards one end of the cuff)


All of our stamped items are handmade and made to order, so each piece will be unique. While we do our best to match the product picture, your item will have small variations that give it a life of it's own.


The above options apply to the item in this listing only. If you would like a fully customized bracelet cuff, please use the following listing: Custom Personalized 1/4" Wide Aluminum Bracelet Cuff