Your Mama was a Snowblower! - Short Circuit Inspired Hand Stamped Keychain

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This quote is on my list of all time favorite geeky insults! Inspired by the phrase from the 80s classic "Short Circuit", this keychain features the phrase "Your mama was a snowblower!" This would make a great geeky gift, stocking stuffer, and conversation starter!

The aluminum rectangle is 2 1/8" in length, 1" wide, and cut from 14G (0.063" thick) aluminum. The metal is brushed for a matte finish and the edges have been hammered.

This keychain fob comes connected to a 25mm (~1") keychain ring (as pictured). You can optionally have them connected by a 7mm split ring.


All of our stamped items are handmade and made to order, so each piece will be unique. While we do our best to match the product picture, your item will have small variations that give it a life of it's own.